1,2,3… Start! Push off into the new season with the Numbers

Take advantage of a discount of up to 15% and welcome spring on a scooter. Numbers will get pre-schoolers, pupils, teenagers, parents, and grandparents moving. 1,2,3… Start!

Are you looking forward to spring too? A trip to the countryside or other adventures? Or do you need to get fit after the winter or lose some extra pounds? Take advantage of a discount of up to 15% on scooters for the whole family from the Numbers product range. And because we think about the little ones, too, we have also included the OneToo balance bike in the special offer.

So do not hesitate and choose your machine.

The discount is valid from 10.3. to 19.3. 2023

Five - 279, 90 EUR (Standard price 319,90 EUR)

Four - 249,90 EUR (Standard price 279,90 EUR)

Three - 199,90 EUR (Standard price 229,90 EUR)

Two - 159,90 EUR (Standard price 179,90 EUR)

One - 139,90 EUR (Standard price 159,90 EUR)

OneToo - 99,90 EUR (Standard price 115,90 EUR)

Numbers scooters

Scooters from the Numbers line are here for all those, who like to ride out into open air and who have figured out that two wheels manage more than two legs and that even basic equipment can be fun and cool. Numbers represent an ideal entrance into the Yedoo family or the local scooter-riding community. For pre-schoolers, small pupils, teenagers, parents, grandparents, as well as dogs and perhaps even horses.


OneToo balance bike

The OneToo balance bike is a number one, where it all begins. The first steps, the first explorations, the entire sporting career. The low total weight, an anatomically shaped saddle with the correct seat post angle, handlebar with widened ends and reflective printing on the handlebar cover for maximum safety are standard. The best place to start.

From a scooter life

Yedoo Four Scooter

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Yedoo Numbers scooters. Five, four, three, two, one, go!

5. 2. 2020 | Vendula Kosíková

For all of you, who are only just beginning with scootering, we have designed new scooters at affordable prices, with riding performance that nearly equals that of models from the higher-priced product lines. Numbers will get pre-schoolers, small pupils, teenagers, parents, grandparents, as well as dogs and perhaps even horses moving. What makes them exceptional?

Yedoo Scooters for Kids

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Playful exercises to improve the children’s balance

22. 6. 2022 | Vendula Kosíková

The magic of riding a scooter consists in maintaining stability in unstable positions. Many children solve this mystery quite intuitively on their own. But not all of them are naturally talented, and for them (and for everyone, who likes to play) we bring a fun exercise for balance training from the physiotherapist Alžběta Hlásková.

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