ISPO Munchen 2020

Yedoo Brand also regularly presents its products at the international main exhibition of sports equipment ISPO in Munich, Germany, where more than 2,000 manufacturers of sports goods from all over the world keep coming every year.

January 2020
26/1/2020 – 29/1/2020
Messe Munchen, A5/434
International Sporting Goods Trade Show

This year we will introduce Red-hot newcomer. Yedoo Steel scooters

From a scooter life

Nutritional therapist Andrea Jakešová

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Nutritional therapist Andrea Jakešová

20. 10. 2022 | Vendula Kosíková

Andrea Jakešová is a nutritional therapist and co-founder of Ne hladu (No to Hunger) counselling centre. Together with her colleague Veronika Pourova, she wrote the book O výživě (On Nutrition), in which they explain the basics of healthy nutrition in a clear and objective way. Newly, together with other colleagues, they published a cookbook called Vyváženě (In a Balanced Way), which brings 108 recipes for meals with a balanced ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.   

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