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He began to ride to keep up with his grandchildren Now he inspires other seniors with his scootering pilgrimages. “It is never too late to begin. First you can perhaps just circle around the village square. In time you will notice that the distances you travel are becoming longer. You head will clear up, your worries will vanish and you will find that the world is full of beautiful places and kind people.”

Děda na kolobrndě
km in three years
km the longest journey
km a day

“I like going from one specific place to another, and harsh weather or occasional wild shelter for the night is no problem for me,” says sixty-nine-year-old Břetislav Snášel, who made a scootering pilgrimage across all of Moravia, crossed the republic twice and made a one-thousand-kilometre pilgrimage to the German Rügen penninsula.

He went to the Baltic Sea this August from his native town of Bystřice u Třince. He did not undertake the adventurous journey alone, though. Same as on every other journey, he is accompanied by friends or scootering enthusiasts, who follow Skuda Gramps on Facebook. “Sometime someone joins me, or offers me accommodation,” Břetislav remarks with contentment and he is already planning his next journey. 

In May, he is preparing to make a journey through four major Scandinavian cities. He will start in Helsinki, and from there he will go to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

In the autumn, he intends to travel around all regional capitals in Bohemia and then, regardless of cold weather, he will make trips around the neighbourhood, same as this winter. Gramps is tireless. You can take inspiration from him.

Děda na kolobrndě
Břetislav Snášel enjoys travelling on the scooter: “I enjoy every kilometer I travel, and every night I spend outdoors. The scooter is goods for my soul as well as my joints.”
Skuda Gramps has many fans, they follow him on social networks and sometime they accompany him on a part of his journey. You can join them too.
Břetislav Snášel is young at heart and rather than sitting at home at the TV lamenting about politics, he prefers moving outdoors in the fresh air.

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