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Child footboard Steel


Hop on! Let me give you a ride, we will take it through the park, past the animals, and back again in the afternoon.

How to enjoy riding a scooter together with your child, while having enough legroom and knowing that your little one is cool and safe? With the Oxelo additional footboard.

We have modified its base a little to fit nicely with the frame of our scooters, replaced the Velcro with special screw connections and finally added a black anti-corrosion finish. All they need to do now is hop on.

Yedoo Accessories

Stupátko Alloy

Child footboard Steel

1,590.00 EUR

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Yedoo Accessories

Stupátko RunRun

  • Technical details
  • Oxelo additional children’s footboard specially adapted for Yedoo scooters. The set includes a shaped footboard and specially designed fasteners to attach it firmly to the scooter footboard.


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