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City New

City New

A scooter in designs inspired by the atmosphere of world metropolises.

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Favorite children's scooters and balance bikes with the design of comics characters.

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City, Wzoom & TooToo

City, Wzoom & TooToo

Scooters and balance bikes in original playful designs.

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From a scooter life

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We Have New Scooters for Kids

30. 6. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

After the introduction of a new sports line of adult scooters, Yedoo Alloy, it is the kids scooters´ turn. With a great contribution of Yedoo children, we have developed scooters, on which kids can boldly set out for their summer adventures.

# Reports

We Were There. Giro d'Italia on Scooters.

26. 5. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Rock solid determination, admirable performances and immense love for the footbike. Without it, a bunch of six Czechs and one Finn would barely overcome all the steep climbs that are characteristic of the Giro d'Italia bicycle race. We went through a part of the eleventh stage together with them, so we know what it is.

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