The Banat Festival

The Yedoo Scooter Rental will come to the best Czech festival in Romania this year. This cultural and musical event, which is being held already for the sixth time, is traditionally held in beautiful locations of Banat, a place where the largest Czech community lives. Originally a partisan event, food, drinks and accommodation are being offered by local residents during the festival. In the Banat region, in addition to concerts, you can also enjoy excursions into the surrounding countryside. This year you will be able to go and see magical beauty of the Danube on scooters, too.

August 2017
16/8/2017 – 20/8/2017
Eibenthal, Romania
Alternative music and cultural festival

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Yedoo Hurvínek. New Scooter for Little Imps

18. 9. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Do you have a lively and inquisitive child at home that is as flippant and naughty as Hurvínek (Harvie)? Then take a look at our new edition of Harvie scooters. With this scooter, your child will have a healthy fun and you will finally find peace. Haha!

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Musical and Footbike Adventures in Banat

6. 9. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

Each hour a concert, an interesting talk, a meeting with inspiring people and excursions to the enchanting nature. How can you make it all while taking care of your drinking regime? With a scooter! It turned out that it was the right thing for Banat.

# Tips, Interesting Facts

We Have New Scooters for Kids

30. 6. 2017 | Vendula Kosíková

After the introduction of a new sports line of adult scooters, Yedoo Alloy, it is the kids scooters´ turn. With a great contribution of Yedoo children, we have developed scooters, on which kids can boldly set out for their summer adventures.

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