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We Were There. Giro d'Italia on Scooters.

26.5.2017, 14:22 | Vendula Kosíková
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Rock solid determination, admirable performances and immense love for the footbike. Without it, a bunch of six Czechs and one Finn would barely overcome all the steep climbs that are characteristic of the Giro d'Italia bicycle race. We went through a part of the eleventh stage together with them, so we know what it is.
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Kick Italy. Giro Attracts Scooter Riders

17.4.2017, 12:01 | Vendula Kosíková

The team that managed the Tour de France on scooters is getting ready for the centennial Giro d'Italia. A day ahead of the cyclists, stage after stage seven brave men will try to conquer the toughest bike race of them all, one which inspires awe even amongst the cycling community.
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Yedoo Alloy Scooters in Detail

23.3.2017, 21:27 | Vendula Kosíková
Tags: Tips, Interesting Facts

Yedoo scooters have come a long way since its inception. The success of the Yedoo Alloy line is the fruit of the many hours that we´ve spent listening to all of you, our active scooter riders. As a result, we´ve managed to build machines that are unique in many ways.
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