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Giro Attracts Scooter Riders. Will They Make It?

26.1.2017, 12:01 | Vendula Kosíková

The team that managed the Tour de France on scooters is getting ready for the centennial Giro d'Italia. A day ahead of the cyclists, stage after stage seven brave men will try to conquer the toughest bike race of them all, one which inspires awe even amongst the cycling community.
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How to Choose a Scooter for Children

16.12.2016, 16:48 | Vendula Kosíková
Tags: Tips, Interesting Facts

Every child is different, one can learn riding a scooter right away, some others need a little time to obtain the necessary assurance. If the scooter is light enough, its size corresponds to the child´s age and the footboard height does not overstress the standing leg, nothing prevents the children from enjoying pleasure of riding.
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How a Scooter Brought Joy Back to Pavel´s Life

7.12.2016, 17:37 | Vendula Kosíková

A scooter helped Pavel Němec overcome his life crises. “I simply removed the worries out of my life through riding,“ confided in us the computer graphic who created a cartoon spot for Yedoo out of his gratitude for having recaptured his lost life balance.
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I Want a Granchild or a Scooter for My 60th Birthday

2.12.2016, 13:35 | Zdenka Pecková
Tags: Interesting Facts

When you meet her in the street, you would probably not say that she has recently been sixty. She walks fast and energetic and you may probably not catch up with her. She always chooses stairs instead of an elevator or escalator and if you accidentally went on a trip to the mountains with her, don´t be looking forward to a sightseeing pace.
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