Scooters & Bikes
Yedoo stands for our passion of movement on two wheels.
Dan Pilát Boss / Executive
Dan Pilát

Fifteen Years on Two Wheels

We have dedicated almost 15 years of our lives to scooters and “products on wheels” in general. It all started in 1998 with our visit to Las Vegas “Sport Show” where we were impressed by the variety of in-line skates, skateboards, and mostly scooters. We realised that these practical vehicles were missing in the Czech Republic. We decided to do something about it.

The first prototypes were tested directly among riders, who provided us with valuable feedback and suggestions for further development. With time, requirements for other innovations multiplied, which forced us to improve the overall concept. Our team began to grow.

From Production to Brand

In the beginning, we focused primarily on the development and sale of produced scooters, without being too worried about anything else. Only after scooters and running bikes became popular, we found the necessity to distinguish ourselves from other producers and importers. In short, we needed a name.

From the variety of ideas, we finally chose the name Yedoo, originating in the Czech expression “jeduuu” which one exclaims when going fast on a scooter. These days, our brand Yedoo is sold all over the world. You can find Yedoo enthusiasts from Madrid to Tokyo and not only there. In the Czech Republic, our scooters feature in the fantastic world of a popular Czech cartoon „Čtyřlístek“ (“The Four-Leaf Clover”), where they are used by its four drawn characters.