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Two Million Kilometers on the Way to Work

23/6/2016, 12:27 | Redakce

Almost 11,000 people took part in a Czech nationwide contest To Work by Bike in May, having traveled 2 million kilometers as human-powered vehicles. Yedoo team contributed more than 500 km driven on scooters and placed roughly in the middle of the... More

How to Assemble a Balance Bike? Don't Innovate!

10/6/2016, 14:28 | Vendula Kosíková

Creativity and ingenuity are, generally, valued human characteristics, and not just the reserve of artists, scientists and designers. Creativity is a natural human need and can be applied to any everyday activity. However, it is not always... More

Scooter Race and Wine Tasting in Vrbice

9/5/2016, 23:35 | Vendula Kosíková
Tags: Reports

Everything was great in Vrbice. The weather was favorable for scooter races, wine tasting and trips in the neighborhood. If you missed the event “Z kopca do kopca” this year, you can visit vineyards in Vrbice by yourself. It is totally worth it. More

Riding a Scooter to Work. Join Us

1/5/2016, 13:42 | Redakce
Tags: Tips

Do you want to ride a scooter to work? Do you want to get in shape, mood and strengthen relationships with your colleagues? To contribute to cleaner air and more pleasant, safer and healthier cities? Join us and register for the national competition... More

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