Yedoo Alloy Scooters Tests

31/1/2017, 20:33 | Vendula Kosíková
Tags: Tips, Interesting Facts

Do you know how to choose a scooter? Do you need more information? Would an indedpendent evaluation by someone who has already tested our scooters be useful? More

Giro Attracts Scooter Riders. Will They Make It?

26/1/2017, 12:01 | Vendula Kosíková

The team that managed the Tour de France on scooters is getting ready for the centennial Giro d'Italia. A day ahead of the cyclists, stage after stage seven brave men will try to conquer the toughest bike race of them all, one which inspires awe... More

How to Choose a Scooter for Children

16/12/2016, 16:48 | Vendula Kosíková
Tags: Tips, Interesting Facts

Every child is different, one can learn riding a scooter right away, some others need a little time to obtain the necessary assurance. If the scooter is light enough, its size corresponds to the child´s age and the footboard height does not... More

How a Scooter Brought Joy Back to Pavel´s Life

7/12/2016, 17:37 | Vendula Kosíková

A scooter helped Pavel Němec overcome his life crises. “I simply removed the worries out of my life through riding,“ confided in us the computer graphic who created a cartoon spot for Yedoo out of his gratitude for having recaptured his lost life... More

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